Treating Musician’s Injuries

It’s simple. Musicians are like athletes because—just like athletes—they need both body awareness and sharp minds to excel at what they do. Just like an athlete, musicians perform and may sustain injuries that require physiotherapy treatment.

Musicians also have the drive to perform at their best, practice until perfection, and play through the pain – even when they’re aware they shouldn’t. They train. They have intense practice schedules. Music students and professionals put in hours straight of repetitive motion to perfect a single piece. The same phrases and finger movements again and years of this routine may result in pain or injury.

Image published with permission.
Image published with permission.

At Physio Central, we are used to seeing musicians’ injuries. This is the case study of Yalin – a professional violinist and teacher. He came to the clinic with a long history of shoulder and neck pain that was affecting his playing. He responded really well to a few sessions of manual therapy and acupuncture together with a lot of education on posture, appropriate strengthening exercises and education on long-term management.

At the clinic, we really make sure that we do not just treat the injury but we make sure that the injury does not happen again – this is called prevention of injury or long-term management of the injury. It is pointless to treat shoulder or neck pain if the pain returns again after a few days or weeks. We, therefore, make sure that we educate the patient to change his lifestyle habits or incorporate new ways of exercising to make sure that the problem is solved on a long-term basis.

Sam not only identified the issue but she informed me why this was happening and how I can avoid it in the future!  The exercises were very helpful together with the acupuncture treatment and the hands on treatment that improved my flexibility and my pain.  I have tried many different therapies before but with no result and I was not expecting results so quickly!!.  I will recommend Physio Central for sure because they were very helpful and I received a very personalised treatment and also a long-term solution to my problem.  Sam oversees my progress regularly and adjusts accordingly every time”.


Our physiotherapy sessions are individualised and personalised – what does this mean?

  • You will get an allocated slot and time that is booked just for you – this gives us time to listen to your story and devise a treatment plan just for you
  • We adjust the treatment depending on your injury.  We do not treat everyone the same.
  • We devise exercises that are personalised for you.  Everyone is busy nowadays so we make sure that any exercises or rehab given are the right ones for you and they will be effective for what you need.
  • We also are able to use techniques like acupuncture and advanced manual techniques to help you feel better in the least amount of sessions.
  • We also monitor you regularly until we make sure that the problem has been completely resolved. 
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