Our main role as physiotherapists is to assess, diagnose and treat each patient’s condition accordingly. Treatments usually consist of manual therapy. This is a combination of mobilisations of joint, and soft tissue techniques, taping, dry needling and acupuncture.

Our physiotherapy sessions are followed by an exercise programme. This is done to rehabilitate injury and any chronic pain. In doing so we help you get back to your normal lifestyle. All our Physiotherapists are able to assess posture as well as pelvic and spinal alignments. At PhysioCentral we can help you whether your injury or pain is related to sport, work or your lifestyle.


Acupuncture is very effective and complementary to physiotherapy. It is a very safe and effective method of dealing with pain. Our physiotherapists are skilled in the use of acupuncture. All needles are single-use only, pre-sterilized and disposable. Different needling approaches can be used:

  1. Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) Acupuncture. This is based on a conventional, holistic approach to acupuncture. Needles are inserted and left in position for 20 – 30 minutes.
  2. Dry Needling. Also known as Trigger Point Needling. This facilitates the relaxation of specific muscles and needles are inserted into the tight muscle. This technique is quicker than TCM.


All sessions are led by fully qualified, registered physiotherapists and Pilates instructors. These can be delivered either one-on-one or in a small group. The aim is to provide a safe space for treating back pain and core strengthening.

The small group sessions ensure that the quality of movement is maintained. We make sure that the exercises given are specific to your needs and your physiotherapy treatment. Clinical Pilates is also open to post-surgery patients or those currently suffering from back pain. Each patient is fully assessed by a member of our team, before joining a class.

WORKSTATION ASSESSMENTSPhysiotherapy Work posture

Longer working hours may lead to pain or injuries that require physiotherapy treatment. We see a number of patients who suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injuries), back pain, joint pain and other symptoms. All caused by long hours, incorrect posture and unsuitable office equipment. We offer advice and can provide workplace assessments to individuals or companies.

This service can be tailored to your requirements and ranges from:

  • An informal office walk-through and general advice
  • Standardised assessments for an entire team or company, resulting in a formal report.

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