Pelvis Alignment

Physiotherapists are movement experts. Through strong manual physiotherapy techniques we are able to treat any joint & muscle problems, whether it is sports or work-related.

Musculoskeletal Pain

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder and elbow pain, wrist and thumb pain, pelvis and hip pain, knee pain, and ankle and foot pain.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation following fractures, back and neck surgery, tendon and ligament repairs, total knees & total hip replacements, shoulder surgery, ankle surgery.

Computer Related Injuries

Any pain that is a result from prolonged periods of time sitting at your desk. This includes neck pain and back pain, joint pain and repetitive strain injuries.

Joint pain

Sports injuries

This is our passion! We have extensive experience using physiotherapy to treat runners, swimmers, basketball players, tennis and squash players as well as synchronized swimmers. We have also worked with a number of professional sport teams as well as at the London Olympic Athlete’s Village Medial Centre. Whether you are a professional or an amateur sports person, we are happy to treat you and guide you to prevent re-injury.

Dance Injuries

Dancers usually need that is fast and effective physiotherapy. If not they will have a setback for rehearsals or performance. We have worked extensively with professional dancers (Matthew Bourne Dancers & Streetdance).

Headaches and Jaw Pain

Certain headaches (called cervicogenic headaches) are caused by tightness or dysfunction in the neck or the jaw. If you are constantly suffering from headaches and/or jaw pain, come in for an assessment to see if we can help through physiotherapy.


Pregnancy and Women’s Health

We’re able to treat musculoskeletal pain which you might experience during and after pregnancy. Our Physiotherapists are also able to guide you on how to get back in shape following a natural birth or a c/section. We can help with abdominal re-training and pelvic floor re-education.

There is increasing evidence that physiotherapy can alleviate and in many cases cure pelvic floor pain, incontinence or dysfunction. This could be an embarrassing condition and most women are unaware that help is available. Talk to us, all appointments are strictly confidential.


We are able to treat any musculoskeletal or sports injury in children. If under the age of 16 an adult must be present.


We can treat fractures sustained by the elderly whether operated or not. We specialise in total knee and total hip replacements, back pain and arthritic pain.


We’ve worked with a number of professional musicians, locally and abroad. We consider musicians at par to high-level athletes. They need specific physiotherapy treatments and help in prevention of repetitive strain injuries.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Similar to sports injuries our practitioners have a special interest in chronic pain. We enjoy assessing and treating painful chronic conditions that have possibly failed other conventional treatments. Please contact us directly to discuss if you might benefit from physiotherapy treatment.

Workstation Assessments

If we feel that your desk or chair are the cause of your pain and symptoms, we’ll assist you in improving your work environment. We can organise a work station assessment at your office or workplace.


We see a number of patients suffering from scoliosis (ranging from teenagers to the elderly) with varying levels of degree of curvature, even post-surgery. With physiotherapy, we help them alleviate the pain caused by the curve and work with them through an exercise programme to keep the spine as supple as possible. This reduces the pain and disability caused by the scoliosis

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