Physio Central offers physiotherapy services in central Malta.  Our approach is holistic and we treat the cause of the pain and not just the symptoms.

Every patient is different and so our approach is different from patient to patient, however, we are strong manual therapists, and patient educators, and have excellent rehabilitation skills.  We devise a specific exercise programme individualised just for you rather than pre-prepared sheets of exercises.

We run a strict appointment-based system.  We see one patient only at a time and make sure we have enough time to listen to your story, your injuries, and your expectations.  Then together with you, we will devise a treatment plan that is right for you.

We work as a team – that means that we all work together to make sure that the patient’s journey is smooth and pain-free as quickly as possible.  You can see anyone on our team and even different therapists at different times because we share and discuss patients all the time.  This helps us grow as practitioners but also provides you with more options for treatment.

Your care is our priority and we want to get you pain-free as soon as possible.  We liaise with a network of other therapists, doctors, and consultants.  No referral is needed to see a physiotherapist because we can assess and diagnose your injuries.

Our Pilates classes have re-started.  We offer small group Pilates classes in Naxxar - these are ideal for patients in pain or those who have not exercised for a while.  Contact us via email at for more information.  In the meantime, we are still offering FREE Pilates classes on our YouTube Channel for all our patients at Physio Central.   

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Our physiotherapy sessions are based on strong manual skills, use of acupuncture and specific exercise-based programme. We aim to treat the injury long-term and not just ‘fix’ the pain or put a ‘band-aid’ on the symptoms. We find out WHY you are getting pain and we make sure we help you to make long-term changes to be pain-free, healthier, and fitter.


We offer group Pilates classes at the Hilltop Gardens, Naxxar and also one-to-one Pilates sessions at the clinic in Mosta.

Our classes are good for people who are in pain, had surgery or have not exercised for a long time. Contact us to discuss what is the best option for you.

Physiotherapy Malta, Physio Malta, Physiotherapist Malta
Acupuncture & Dry Needling

The use of Chinese acupuncture and dry needling is very helpful in treating patients in pain. All our therapists have post-graduate qualifications in the use of needling within the scope of physiotherapy and this is used in combination with our
physiotherapy treatment.

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Physiotherapy Malta, Physio Malta, Physiotherapist Malta
Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

We can help you regain your movements and strength back following orthopaedic
surgery – we see patients after fractures or after neck, back, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee
& ankle surgeries. We also see women post caesarian sections.

Women's health physiotherapy treats a wide range of women's needs in addition to pregnancy and birth support. Sara Quina specialises in the treatment
of women with all disorders affecting the pelvis and the pelvic floor – this could be
incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain or constipation. There is growing evidence that physiotherapy can alleviate, and in many cases, cure these symptoms. She also sees women before and after birth and helps them return back to intimacy, fitness and exercise. Read more about this and book online.

Physiotherapy Malta, Physio Malta, Physiotherapist Malta
Dance & Musicians Injuries

It is not just athletes that have aches and pains.  Musicians struggle with injuries too and physiotherapy can help. Sam Bonnici has vast experience treating musicians. She has volunteered with BAPAM in London and offered workshops and training with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Read more here.

Dancers are also prone to aches and pains due to the high demand for training and performance. We have extensive experience with dancers' injuries and have helped several dancers become stronger and better in what they do—book here

Sam Bonnici & Jake Fenech have a special interest in the treatment of sports injuries.  Sam has extensive experience working with different sports teams and Jake Fenech has a special interest in running injuries.  Sports physiotherapy helps the athletes in recovery and returning back to training and performing, and also provides education on the prevention of further injuries.  Read more about running injuries here, and book here

Hypermobility is when your joints move beyond the normal range of motion.  This is particularly common in dancers and in gymnasts.  Book here for a consultation about hypermobility and find out more about how we can help you.

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